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Living in Kalundborg

Would you consider moving to Kalundborg?

There are many benefits to living here, especially if you find a job in the local area. Obviously, you can save a lot of time and money not having to commute for long distances every day. 

And life is good here! Kalundborg is a friendly community with welcoming networks and a plethora of exiting things to do for the whole family. So, no matter what interests and hobbies you have, you'll (almost certainly) find it here.

You can learn all about Kalundborg on our website for newcomers: 
Go to Kalundborg:

Here you can find information about:

  • Moving to Kalundborg
    • Moving and registration
    • Find a place to live
  • Activities for newcommers
    • Kalundborg connect
    • Spouse network
    • Bus tour for newcomers
    • Christmas cafe
  • And much more


There's a lot of help available for all stages of your journey to Kalundborg, from the practicalities of getting a residence and work permit, finding a job and a house to which school to send your children to and where to find your next favorite cup of coffee. 

If you have any questions or need help in your process of moving, the Settlement Team is always ready to help. Just send us an e-mail on or read more about us here.

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