We are a Dutch employer connecting quality companies & projects from the Netherlands with highly skilled people. We employ people on Dutch employment contracts or cooperate with EU freelancers ensuring quality in every aspect: long-term cooperation, well-paid jobs, certified accommodation, human approach and last but not least a high standard of service. If you are a highly skilled person who also appreciates FAir – REliable – ONtime mentality, we will be happy to become your partner.

FIELDS OF WORK: metal, electro, installations.

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Katarína Tomčíková

+421 907 992 819


recruitment and support specialist

Fareon-A/Z Nederland B.V., Lange Amerikaweg 67,

7332BP Apeldoorn, NL, +31552034101

Woerden - Groningen - Horst - Lipt. Mikulas (SK)

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13 June 2023
Opportunities in the healthcare, agriculture, hospitality and technical sectors.
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