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At Deerpark House (Ireland, Cork) we provide elderly nursing care in a friendly, homely atmosphere where the privacy, enjoyment and convenience of our residents is always our priority. 

We provide care and support to people with a range of physical fragility, disability and / or illnesses such as;

  • CVA,
  • TIA,
  • Parkinson disease,
  • diabetes,
  • memory impairment,
  • reduced mobility e.t.c.
  • whether its early onset or at a later stage.

The emphasis is on offering everyone an improved quality of life combined with the highest possible standards of 24-hour care provided by dedicated, trained staff.

A personalised care plan for each resident is developed in consultation with a registered nurse after an assessment of health and care needs.

Our care teams always liaise closely with the individual, professionals, families and friends, ensuring continuity of care at all times in a safe and knowledgeable care environment.


Deerpark House is currently looking for Registered Nurses.

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