Combain is a world leading provider of positioning solutions for M2M and IoT devices. Combain has one of the world largest databases of cell-id and wifi that is used for accurate indoor and outdoor geopositioning of connected devices. The database includes more than 53 million cell-ids and 463 million wifis from more than 200 countries. Combain’s customers are leading mobile network operators, mobile chipset providers and M2M module providers. The positioning service is provided as a cloud-based API, Combain CPS API, and as a cloud-based IoT platform, Combain Thinxmate.  Combain has its headquarter in Sweden and serves customers world-wide.  

We are 9 people today based in Lund, Ideon, Sweden, and we are seeking web developers with great knowledge of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML.

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Rikard Windh, VP Business Development