We are a group of small Boutique Hotels created in 2015. Co-founders, Peter Lowe and Christopher Eddis imagined cool, contemporary, lush yet comfortable, lifestyle hotels in prime locations in Portugal. May 2017 saw the opening of The Lumiares Hotel in Lisbon, and the group completed the acquisition of The Vintage Hotel, also in Lisbon in August 2017. More recently, the group started developing its new project in Porto, The Rebello Hotel & Spa, which is due to open in the first quarter of 2023. Our mission is to grow the group adding in time new hotels to the family, offering premium quality accommodation, high standards of unpretentious and friendly service simple yet tasty seasonal food, great cocktails and beverages, and wellness moments – above all memorable experiences in relaxed surroundings.... We embrace certain values such as commitment, dedication and respect for others and sustainable lifestyle and habits. We hire and train our team according to these ideals. Our strategy is to invest in the team, hiring multi-generation and multi-cultural talent, coaching our partners to participate with innovative ideas and services that differentiate it us from our key competitors. We work to foster an environment where they can thrive. We firmly believe happy people can affect positively feelgood happy experiences and create happy memories. 

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09 March 2023
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