Overall Responsibilities:

▪ Delivering a quality food product in each of the food outlets. ▪ Ensuring the food operation is profitable.
▪ Ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are maintained.
▪ Enhancing the food reputation.

Responsible for the following Food Outlets:

▪ Restaurant – Breakfast, Lunch & dinner. ▪ Bar
▪ Banqueting
▪ Room service

Specific Responsibilities:


  • ▪  Planning & organising the kitchen department for the business on the books – managing the roistering of staff, menu planning, food purchasing, stock control & delivery of a quality food product on time and within profit margin.

  • ▪  Directing & supervising the daily activities in the kitchen.

  • ▪  Attendance at weekly Head of Department meetings and communicating what is

    happening in the hotel in the next few weeks to your team.

  • ▪  Ensuring kitchen equipment is maintained to a high standard and that regular

    maintenance is done on key equipment to prevent avoidable capital expenditure.

  • ▪  Issuing of menus to sales & operational teams as required and within the timelines


  • ▪  Ensure food preparation is delivered in an efficient manner, is quality focused and

    maintains the highest levels of hygiene.

  • ▪  Ensure food presentation is delivered as per SOP’s.

  • ▪  Manage the kitchen porter department and ensure all cleaning rotas are adhered to.

  • ▪  Work with Management to ensure food service systems are as efficient as possible and

    are delivering to the guest’s needs.

  • ▪  Achieve target scores in guest comment cards for food quality & presentation and menu

    choice in each food outlet. Implement changes & address issues based on guest


  • ▪  Manage relationship with suppliers and ensure they are meeting the needs of the business

    and delivering the service you require.

  • ▪  Ensure effective & open communication between your department and other

    departments in the hotel.

  • ▪  Allocate responsibilities to your Sous Chef in all food outlets.



  • ▪  Achieve Food Gross Profit target each year.

  • ▪  Ensure stock takes are completed accurately & on schedule.

  • ▪  Ensure there are good stock control procedures within the department.

  • ▪  Manage payroll within budget.

  • ▪  Weekly pricing comparisons of the major items purchased – meat, fish, and vegetables.

  • ▪  Formal quarterly comparison of all pricing for items purchased – food, dry goods & non-

    food purchases.

  • ▪  Agreeing pricing of menus & dishes with F&B Managers, ensuring that the gross margin

    is being delivered.

  • ▪  Implement policies to reduce food waste, energy & water waste and waste in general in

    your department.

  • ▪  Ensure deliveries are being checked for quantity & quality.

  • ▪  Monitor portion control within each food outlet.

    Product Development

  • ▪  Enhancing the food offering with a view to winning awards and enhancing the hotel’s overall food reputation.

  • ▪  Developing the Bar menu to become known as the best bar food in the area.

  • ▪  Developing the healthy options in all menus throughout the property.

  • ▪  Enhancing the function menus & coming up with innovative ideas that place us ahead of

    the competition in terms of function offering.

  • ▪  Developing signature breakfast dishes that the hotel becomes renowned for.

  • ▪  Working with Sales & Marketing and F&B Managers to ensure food sales targets are

    being delivered and tailoring offering to ensure sales targets are met.

  • ▪  Regular research of current food trends, competitors in the region, etc.

  • ▪  Maintain a strong emphasis for using local produce & ingredients as much as possible in


    Hygiene, Health & Safety

  • ▪  Implementation of all HACCP regulations are fully applied in the kitchen.

  • ▪  Action points raised in reports of our food hygiene auditor & the Environmental Health

    Inspector in an efficient manner.

  • ▪  Ensure your department is a safe working environment and in compliance with all health

    & safety legislation.

    Human Resources & Training

  • ▪  Ensure all members of the kitchen team have completed food handling training & have a full understanding of HACCP.

  • ▪  Recruitment of new staff members with the assistance of the HR department.

  • ▪  Coach & train of new staff members and do week 1, week 6 & week 12 assessments.

  • ▪  Have a yearly development plan for chefs within the kitchen to include cross training,

    stages in other food operations & refresher skills training.

  • ▪  Do formal annual appraisals with all team members.

  • ▪  Have SOP’s in place for each food outlet and for overall department standards and use

    these for training.


  • ▪  Have monthly departmental meetings with your staff. Give regular feedback to your team and ask for feedback from your employees.

  • ▪  Ensure your employees understand the goals of the department.

  • ▪  Assist F&B Manager’s in developing the food knowledge of our F&B service staff

    through menu tastings, briefings, etc

  • ▪  Address non-performance issues with staff and follow disciplinary procedures when

    necessary with the support of the HR department.

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Work experience:
Work experience is required
Dauer der Berufserfahrung:
More than 5 years
  • English
  • Very good
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