We are Spacebase - a worldwide booking platform for workshop locations and meeting rooms. We want to make your life easier and save you from boring, boxy and grey meeting rooms. With us, finding and booking extraordinary locations for meetings and workshops is easy, quick and cheap. Thanks to our international team, Spacebase has established a network of more than 4000 spaces in over 30 cities in 12 different countries. Our diverse portfolio includes something for every company and some of the most imaginative spaces in the world - from a perfectly curated designer's loft to a skill-building boxing arena.

We think people should be able to meet in spaces that spark innovation and boost productivity, wherever they are. On our global booking platform, users can rent inspiring meeting rooms and event spaces in just a few clicks - from boxing rings to river boats, rooftop terraces to eco-labs and U-bahn stations - alongside stylish and professional rooms with all the latest technology. 

As a company, we’ve already come a long way. Spacebase is a successful B2B start-up and market leader in Europe and the US, with strong presence in over 40 countries and 50 cities worldwide. We’ve also caught the attention of major publications like The New York Times, Forbes and Gründerszene. It all happens from our office in Kreuzberg in Berlin - and we’re still growing!

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Spacebase GmbH
Muskauer Str. 24
10997 Berlin

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